Getting Married? Don’t Forget the Hashtag!

Instagram is fast becoming a key part of wedding fun, and for many filter-loving couples, it’s being used as a collaborative wedding album for all to see.  Tech-savvy couples these days choose a hashtag for the festivities months in advance and encourage friends and family to join in on the snapping and tagging. Grandma may not understand the hashtag but most of your friends surely will!

Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson (the fab style blogger turned creative director) shared some tips this week on getting the best Instagram pics from your wedding which included the obvious, like publicizing your hashtag, to the not-so-obvious: sewing pockets into your dress to hold your iPhone, for example.  Read the entire article and see some shots from her #awesome wedding on Refinery29.

whitelightning-wedding via @prestonolson

Photo Credit: @PrestonOlson via Instagram


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