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One of the largest logistical challenges that faces brides in New England is transportation. It’s a factor that can stand between you and your dream venue if you let it. But before you go changing your plans, consider a transportation company. The offerings available may surprise you. The Wedding Trolley is much more than its name implies. A part of Viking Tours, they have options both big and small that are available for your wedding day or for an entire weekend of festivities. They offer the iconic trolley for wedding parties (holds 34 passengers), mini coaches (holds 24 passengers), and luxury motor coaches (holds 56 passengers) to get everyone where they need to be, when they need to be there. And not just in Newport, The Wedding Trolley provides services up to an hour radius of Newport to locales like Boston, Mystic, and Foxboro.

Kirtley Seveney, Sales Manager at The Wedding Trolley says that setting a realistic timeframe is one of the most overlooked but essential aspects of getting around, especially in Newport where the company is located. While the summer months in coastal New England are ideal for weddings, they also bring tourists and heavy traffic to muck trough. Seveney also points out that a lot roads in our area can be confusing to navigate at night. Having dependable transportation at the ready takes so much stress off your guests, theyll be able to relax and enjoy every aspect of your wedding that you worked so hard to plan.

As entire weekend affairs become more popular, Seveney works with a lot of wedding planners to provide comprehensive service from shuttles to golf outings to the morning-after brunch to mansion tours to tours of Newport. One of the coolest features they offer, in our opinion at least, is a step-on service where they will provide guides to come into your car or onto another mode of transport that isnt even theirs to give you and your guests a special tour. Now that’s service! Also look for lots of new perks in surprises that they have in store for this coming season.

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All photos courtesy of The Wedding Trolley.

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