Fit and Fun Before the Aisle Walk

Nicole Wellbeloved has passion for a fit and healthy lifestyle. Since opening her own wellness studio in 2013, Wellbeloved Wellness in Marstons Mills and Hyannis, Massachusetts, Nicole has led clients to personal physical and mental achievements. An Ideal Protein weight loss clinic and fitness studio, Wellbeloved Wellness offers a four-phase weight loss protocol, overseen by cardiologist Dr. Peter P. Chiotellis, that detoxes your body, rests your pancreas and teaches proper eating habits (along with a Wellbeloved Wellness coach). The studio also offers classes like BeyondBarre, Barre Sculpt, Cardio Kickboxing, Core Fusion, Tabata Transformation and Interval Training. As important as health and wellness is as you prep for that all-important aisle walk, we’ve asked Nicole to weigh in on some bridal prep tips for getting ready for the big day.

From Nicole:
It is finally here…the long awaited wedding season. The dreaded winter we had is gone for good and now you can all focus on the excitement of families and friends coming together for one of the most exciting and celebrated times in your life. With the winter we had here in New England we all did A LOT of sitting around inside, and now is the time to get out and get yourself and your bridal party feeling and looking FIT, HEALTHY AND FABULOUS, for the day that all eyes are on YOU!!

Stress is a major factor in planning a wedding, so take some time to distress yourself.

* Go on a walk. There are so many beautiful beaches and paths here in southern New England. Take advantage of your surroundings and the beautiful weather that is here.

* Go on a daily run. Sometimes you need a little more than a walk to get the stress out, and get those endorphins going.

* Bike ride along the canal or on a bike trail.

* Find a good spin class…fly wheel?

* Find yourself an amazing personal trainer that you can work with once or twice a week. Knowing that someone is telling you exactly what to do to get your body in amazing shape for your big day is peace of mind in itself.

* Do something fitness fun with your bridesmaids like an aerial yoga class.

* Find a BeyondBarre/Barre studio to get that head-to-toe long and lean look you want for your body.

* Take a group trapeze class…how fun is that??

* How about a Bridal Boot Camp? This really gets you and your bridal party all on the same page. It’s all about getting in shape as a group with fitness classes and nutrition (Wellbeloved Wellness offers these!)

* Being healthy and fit is 80% of what you put into your mouth, while the other 20% is what you do to make your body strong fitness wise. Remember, eating healthy is all about watching your portions and your carb and sugar intake. Protein and vegetables are essential for your body to be fueled.

* Drink water!

* Get enough sleep. Eight hours a night is perfect!

The only downfall with all of these exciting new things to try? A few extra visits to your seamstress because you will be losing weight and getting in shape through this whole process. Just remember: relax and enjoy because one of your biggest days is right around the corner!

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Nicole Wellbeloved has been married for 16 years and is the mother of three beautiful children. For more information on Wellbeloved Wellness, or to sign up for one of their classes, visit

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