Father and Daughter Re-Create Beautiful Wedding Photos

Fair warning, reading any further may make your mascara run, so continue at your own risk. Back in 2009, Ben Nunery and his soon-to-be-wife Ali decided to take unique photos to celebrate not only their wedding but also the purchase of their first new home.  In a heartbreaking turn of events, Ali passed away just two years later from a rare disease, leaving Ben and their daughter Olivia behind.  Ben and Olivia made the decision recently to move out of the home, and with the help of Ben’s sister, Melanie Tracy Pace, who photographed the original special day, they re-created the shoot in a series of photos that will make your heart melt.  To see the complete story, go here.father-and-daugher-recreate-wedding-photos-of-late-mother-wife-tracy-pace-loft3-1




Photo Credit: Melanie Tracy Pace/Loft3 Photography


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