Expert Advice: Why Use a Professional DJ?

Expert Advice: Why Use a Professional DJ? | Southern New England Weddings

Everything is set up for the big day. Venue booked. Invitations ordered. Florist chosen. The only thing missing is music for the party. Your fiance’s brother’s friend says he can provide the music. You ask if he has ever done a wedding before and his reply is, “How hard can it be? Play some music from an iPad and everyone dances…easy enough.”

“Wait a minute! It’s not that easy,” says Ben Bernstein of MemoryWorks Productions. “Who is going to introduce the parents, bridal party and the bride and groom into the room? When is the first dance? When is the cake cutting? This is why you need a professional DJ to help steer the event in a fluid motion.”

There are many benefits to hiring an experienced DJ, notes Bernstein. Unlike a novice, a professional will:

1) sit and discuss every aspect of the entire day, including your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

2) go over the entire schedule of events and determine an approximate time table.

3) discuss the types of music to be played. Lend an opinion on what works best. “The big question is: what happens if the selected music doesn’t get people out on the dance floor?” says Bernstein. “Can the faux DJ pick up the fumbled ball and get people moving? A professional can. Sometimes the fix involves just a change in tempo; other times it involves appealing to the crowd. A professional can look at the guests and determine the best course of action.”

To start the next chapter in your life on the right foot with great entertainment, consult the professionals at MemoryWorks ProductionsFor more information on their video, photography and entertainment products, send an email or call 508-230-8820. The following video is just a sampler of their entertainment services:

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