Expert Advice: The Importance of Hiring a Videographer

Your wedding budget is shaping up, but there’s one potential line item that causes some hesitation. Why invest in a wedding video? you ask. The answer, says Ken Klane of MemoryWorks Productions, is because it is no less than a family keepsake to be cherished for generations.

The following is Klane’s take on the power of videography:

A video will capture the smile of the groom as the bride walks down the aisle, the emotions of the guests while you have your first dance, dances with parents and grandparents as well as all the activities of your day. These moments will be captured and cherished forever.

Now fast-forward five years when you may have a child. Your child will see and hear everyone and laugh at the hair styles and clothing choices. You will be able to share and relive those special memories with this new generation.

Fast forward 10, 15 or 20 years and the memories become even more meaningful. Those who may no longer be with us are seen talking, dancing, singing and having a wonderful time.

It can be an elaborate production or just a simple visual story of the first day in the life of the new Mr. & Mrs. But no matter the format, a video is a timeless classic with memories of that special day that will live on forever. Ultimately, it is no less than a living, breathing time capsule.


MemoryWorks Productions fulfills videography, photography and entertainment needs for weddings across southern New England. For more information on their video services, send an email or call 508-230-8820. The following video is just a sample of their work:

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