Etsy Find: Truvelle Gowns

Have you heard of this Vancouver-based wedding dress designer?  Truvelle prides itself on being “consistently non-traditional,” and doesn’t “make dresses that wear the girl, but instead something that dresses up an already beautiful individual.”  Sounds good to us!  Their dresses are of the break-his-heart-you-look-so-beautiful sort, with gossamer thin silk skirts that float and flow, and a variety of flattering bodices that feel both modern and romantic.  We’re even swooning over the delicate styling and airy, dreamlike quality of their lookbook photos and think they could inspire some amazing bridal portraits.

Truvelle Cheylene

Truvelle Julia

Truvelle Michelle Gown

Truvelle Sequinned Wedding Dress

Photo Credit: All Photos by Kristy Ryan for Truvelle.


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