Etsy Find: Cards As Quirky As You Are…

Am I the only one who wanders around the card aisle for wayyy too long expecting there to actually be a card that says exactly what I am thinking but am too lazy to write?  99% of the time I wind up buying a blank card with a pretty picture and writing my own note inside which makes the card a much more intimate experience. The major flaw in this for me however is that I have terrible handwriting and usually wind up smudging half of the words to a nearly illegible jumble as I write. Fellow lefties know what I’m talking about here!

Anyway…I recently discovered that Etsy has a pretty cool collection of cards that you certainly won’t find in your local drugstore.  You may still want to write a personal note inside, but the option to have an artistically designed card that conveys your actual feelings is a major score in my opinion.  The shop StrangerDays, which dubs itself “the shop for emotional people” (they really get me!) has a bunch of fun choices including the ones featured below.


Hate everyone



Photo Credit: Etsy


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