Engagement Photos Week – Daniel Doke Photography


It is Engagement Photo Session Week!

We have decided to dedicate an entire week to showcase some of our favorite photographer’s favorite engagement sessions so you can admire, take notes, and come up with ideas of your own.

The following photos by Daniel Doke Photography are sophisticated and flirtatious. Who wouldn’t want that? Pam Doke, describes the scene: “Christine and Tommy had their engagement session scheduled on the day of our freak snow storm in October. They decided to chance the weather and go forward with their engagement session. To their benefit the Boston Public Gardens were near empty. We always tell our couples to pick out outfits that complement each other and show off their personalities. Also, make sure your clothing flatters your figure and doesn’t show off areas you are self conscious of. Solid neutral colors always work best. As you can see Christine’s red shoes and belt give the perfect pop of color to a grey fall day. ”

engagement photos_daniel doke

engagement photos_daniel doke2

engagement photo_daniel doke3


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