Boudoir Photography

In the spirit of always keeping things interesting, we are exploring boudoir photography today. Sara Zarrella of Sara Zarrella Photography shared some of her favorite sessions and some tips on how to do it with style.
* Sara highly recommends professional makeup and hair be done before the session. You want the photos to look like you… Just a little spicier. It may cost a bit more, but if you are going to do it at all, do it all the way.

* You do not have to raid every Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret in town, she shares. You should bring “staples” like black and white underwear and bras, and then one or two of your favorite peices to round it out.

* In regards to letting go of your body issues, Sara says its paramount to feel comfortable with your photographer. She is a professional who knows lighting, angles, and touch-ups like nobody’s business. She usually tells her subjects to pretend that their flaws don’t exist during the session. She points out, “Everyone has flaws. If they are self-conscious it’ll show on their face, and that’s something you can’t edit out.”


Boudoir photo



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