Beauty Notes: Wedding Hair Prep

Southern New England Weddings | Beauty Notes: Wedding Hair Prep | Shine by Talya | Photography by Carla Ten Eyck

Hair stylist, makeup artist and all around beauty guru Talya Kashmanian of Shine has seen her fair share of lovely locks, and prepped countless brides for their wedding day. And even though she can pretty much work magic no matter what kind of tresses land in her chair, there are a few things a bride can do before her big day to ensure that her hair is healthy, full and ready to be styled, as Talya shares with us.

Southern New England Weddings | Beauty Notes: Wedding Hair Prep | Shine by Talya | Photography by Carla Ten Eyck

“As enjoyable as a wedding is, we all know that there is also a very present level of stress associated with planning one. Sometimes the bride can get caught up thinking about all the things that have to get done and forget about prepping herself for that special day. Here’s my personal prep guide for shiny, healthy locks on a shining bride.

Hair can be tricky, but the two main things to consider are color and growth. Since you usually have about a year to plan, personally I would start looking for styles as soon as possible. If you need to grow your hair out for the style you want, I would suggest trimming it every 6 to 8 weeks but barely taking off any of the length. I call this a micro trim. This allows the oxygen to penetrate to the root and scalp, which promotes growth. If the hair is thin on the ends the oxygen can’t get through to the root …therefore the hair does not grow as quickly.

I tend to tell brides not to make drastic hairstyle changes unless they are absolutely sure about their decision. A wedding isn’t a good time to fuss over a new color or cut – it will only add to your stress. Subtle color changes are fine but I recommend you give yourself 6 to 8 months to break the look in, that way you can see how much it oxidizes depending on the season. If you’re in the sun a lot, hair color will typically fade more then if you aren’t in the sun.

Certain seasons can also encourage some of us to want to change our hair color. If I were getting married in the fall I would want a more rich, vibrant color, but if I were getting married in the summertime, I could see something light – only a few shades lighter to brighten, enhance and highlight the face. Again, just a subtle change.

The condition of your hair is also important for your wedding day, and eating protein rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and, for those of you that can tolerate this temperamental warrior…dairy(!), will help. Vitamins are also very important for hair health, especially B complex vitamins, protein supplements and omega’s. Beware of putting protein products directly in the hair, as they can compromise hair structure and actually break it down instead of building it up. Protein is tricky- you just need to find that fine balance. Spring and fall are times of the year when we commonly shed hair, so if you feel that your hair is thinning or weak, I suggest biotin as a supplement. Keep in mind that it typically takes 2 to 3 months to see results. I would actually start using biotin 6 to 8 months in advance of your wedding.

A hair mask is also one of my favorite things to do to condition the hair. It can really give locks a spectacular shine, and also aids in the recovery of damaged hair. My favorite mask is René Furterer Karité – it feels wonderful and only takes five minutes! Another favorite product (and this one is fairly new) is Alcove by Oligo Professional. It’s a cuticle sealer that will give you the most spectacular reflective shine.

Lastly I always recommend a blow dry before the rehearsal dinner, which will leave you feeling radiant for the evening [ed note: we are picturing Kate Middleton’s long, covetable tresses] and get your hair ready for the next day. Washing the hair the day of the wedding is a no-no if you are wearing any type of an updo – the hair needs to have its natural oils to hold the hairstyle properly. So to sneak in one last stretch of peace and tranquility before the big day, I would make an appointment in the salon for a blowout, along with a manicure and a pedicure, to decompress.”

-Talya Kashmanian, February 2014

Photography by Carla Ten Eyck

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