Beauty Notes: Wedding Beauty Tips from Head to Toe

There’s nothing like a big occasion to motivate us to take care of ourselves- what better day than your wedding to prioritize healthy habits and getting a little pampering by a pro? Our beauty insider, Talya Kashmanian of Shine, weighs in on some go-to workout routines for getting ship-shape, and offers advice on how to prep our bodies head to toe. 

Beauty Notes: Wedding Beauty Tips from Head to Toe | Southern New England Weddings and Talya Kashmanian of Shine | Dress from Flair Bridesmaids, Boston | Photo by Chris Vaccaro



“I suggest shoulder workouts with a bar, bringing it straight up under the chin. Push-ups strengthen the whole upper body, arms, chest and back. Bicep and tricep exercises are the most important to me. There are so many variations but it’s quite simple to Google an exercise for any body part…you can YouTube exercises which show you the proper form to achieve your goals.”


“We cannot forget the beautiful sexy back! This sultry, sensuous part of the body needs TLC and we all seem to forget about it because we don’t see it. I recommend that when you go for a facial, have your esthetician give you a back treatment as well…again giving yourself enough time between the treatment and your day, because just like a facial, back treatments can bring out impurities in the skin and cause breakouts. Regularly exfoliating the back and the whole body will remove dead cells, leaving skin underneath bright, soft and healthy looking.”


“Should you shave them, wax them or laser them? It’s really up to the individual and what works best for them, but I do suggest that you don’t wait until the last minute to decide. Laser takes many months before you are hair free! If you’re going to go with waxing, it’s important to grow it out to a certain length to get the best results, so talk to your esthetician well in advance of your wedding to find out the right timing. If your choice is to shave (we’ve all been there) a great shave begins with a great shave cream!”


“Oh, tanning! I do not suggest letting yourself get too tan; there is a fine line to be drawn. Oftentimes, a tan can really stick out in your final photographs. It can look unnatural. Less really is more in this case. If the season permits, I would definitely use a very high SPF and let myself get just enough color to get a healthy glow. Self tanners are tricky, so if you’re going to experiment with them, I suggest you do this a couple months in advance to find the right shade and see how it will fade. It’s also important to make sure it does not rub off on your beautiful dress!

Tan lines, too, are something to avoid if at all possible. If you know you’re going to be in the sun, undo your straps. Also keep in mind what neckline your wedding gown will have, as well as how much back is showing. Tan lines aren’t easy to cover, however not completely impossible. Airbrush is a beautiful thing!”


“A manicure and a pedicure a couple days before the wedding or before your rehearsal dinner is the perfect way to relax before the big day.”

-Talya Kashmanian, April 2014

Dress, Flair Boston. Photography by Chris Vaccaro.

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