Ask The Experts: “I’m Not Having A Sit-down Dinner – How Should I Word My Invitations?”

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First up in our “Ask The Experts” series: a great question that was tweeted to us recently regarding invitation wording, and two of our all-star caterers kindly weighed in. Big thanks to The Catered Affair and Pranzi Catering & Events for helping us out with this one!

Question: (via Kerri Lesiak on Twitter)

We are not doing sit-down or buffet-style food, we are doing heavy hors d’oeuvres with a few atypical stations. We’re still considering it dinner, but how should we put that on the invitation? No different?

Expert Answers:

Pranzi Catering & Events: Since everyone will be eating the same thing, there’s no need to write a meal selection on your invitations. Perhaps you could write “Reception and Bites to Follow” or “Fine Cuisine & Dancing” on the card for the reception instead of “Reception to Follow.”

The Catered Affair: We would suggest keeping it simple on the invitation and just saying, “Dinner and Reception to Follow.” No need to notify your guests of the “non-traditional” dinner style. They’re sure to dine and enjoy the surprise!

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Photo Credit: Ashley Bilodeau Photography

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