Alternative Wedding Registry Ideas for Unconventional Couples

Can I register for that? Yes, you can!

You and your partner already have the everyday “things” that fit your style—and, honestly, you just can’t see yourself (ever) using that 40-piece China set. We get it. Newsflash: there’s a whole world of registry options out there, and somewhere beyond Macy’s and the generic check, there’s one for you.

By Lannan M. O’Brien

For couples with wanderlust

Who needs more stuff? You’ve always wanted to see more of the world, and there’s no person you’d rather experience it with than your bride or groom-to-be. Luckily, there’s a slew of online registries that cater to just that. Sites like allow guests to contribute to portions of your honeymoon, from airfare to dinner for two in Paris or parasailing in Waikiki. (Remember that too-expensive luggage set? This is the perfect time to ask for that, too!)

For the big-hearted

Okay, you could use some quality bedding or dishware—but wish you could ditch the big-box stores and do some good in the process. Through Seven Hopes United, you can register for beautiful, handmade gifts that are also fair trade and eco-friendly, with each purchase helping support the artisans who make those products and their families. A bonus: your home will be filled with one-of-a-kind items that you can’t find anywhere else!

For foodies

Yes, you can register for your dinner—who knew? Add a Blue Apron membership to your list, and you’ll get fresh, healthy recipes with all the ingredients delivered to your door. If you’re thinking gourmet, the Cheese of the Month Club – you heard us right – is one delicious wedding gift, giving you half a pound of artisan cheeses from around the world every month. All this talk of food making you thirsty? The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club or Wine of the Month Club might be the perfect fit for you!

For married life

Let’s be real: You’re not always going to be able to fly to Paris, but you might still want to get away on a weekend or enjoy a movie and dinner for two. And when life gets stressful, you might wish you had the savings for that couple’s massage. You can register for cash gifts for those married-life moments – or whatever you want – on sites like Zola and MyRegistry. Just think: How fun for Aunt Sally to gift your first date as a married couple?

For art lovers

You’ve always imagined hanging a beautiful painting in your home, but never had the funds (sigh). “But can I register for that?” Of course you can! At UGallery, you can get started on your dream art collection. Guests can choose to purchase your favorite painting or contribute to a work of art with others in a “group gifting” (let’s face it, it’s expensive). Can’t make a decision? Your loved ones can always buy you a UGallery gift card to use later.

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