All the Right Moves

Written by Savannah Hollis

Whether you’d like to impress your guests with some outstanding moves or just sway to the music comfortably with the love of your life, you should give some thought into taking dance lessons before your big day. Ballroom dance is a beautiful, elegant art that is sure to make your first dance together one to remember.

Adam Spencer, dancer, teacher, choreographer and partner, is one of Cape Cod’s newest additions to the dancing industry. Adam has been dancing professionally for ten years and has been teaching for seven. Bringing with him a world of experience, compassion and vibrancy, he is ready to establish a place on the Cape. Couples who would like to take lessons in preparation for their wedding are advised to start sooner rather than later. Lessons are tailored towards each couple individually as time is taken to get to know them and understand their ultimate vision. Not only will these newfound skills look wonderful on the dance floor, they are skills that are meant to strengthen the connection between couples, relieve stress from other wedding details, and last a lifetime. Adam believes that couples should feel like Cinderella or Prince Charming on their wedding day; they should feel confident, comfortable and ready to take their first steps into marriage together.

Adam Spencer teaches at Studio 878 on Main Street in Chatham. He can be contacted via e-mail at: or by telephone at 508-514-0809.

susan carroll

Photo Credit: Susan Carroll


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