Airbnb Browsaholics

Uh oh. We’ve discovered something addictive. As if browsing the global house rental site Airbnb by all the dreamy travel locales on our lists isn’t bad enough, today we stumbled upon theirstaff-curated collection of pied à terres perfect for a honeymooning couple. Can you believe this amazing flat in Paris is only $95 a night?!? It seems like a perfect little getaway. Affordable, cool, and check out that great kitchen! I love the idea of being able to cook, to wander to the market stalls and specialty food shops and whip up inspired meals together in a tiny hideaway. You could drink wine on the balcony, your feet dangling through the railing and over the streets, and watch all the passersby below…

…you see our dilemma. Visit airbnb with caution!

air bnb paris

air bnb paris 3

airbnb paris 2

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