Advice from a Pro: Wedding Rentals

Selecting your wedding day rentals doesn’t have to be a daunting task…in fact, with the incredible range of products available to brides and grooms, these days it’s really more like playing house, and a chance to use your imagination picking pieces that will be yours for a day.  What better way to create an inviting party atmosphere than with a space that feels like home?  We got the inside scoop from Rentals Unlimited Marketing Manager Desiree Modano, who shared a few pointers on getting the ball rolling, choosing what’s right for you, and most importantly, having fun!

[PS- We’re loving this mixture of Min-Mod chairs for an effortlessly cool kind of vibe.]

Rentals Unlimited Chairs

Chairs, Clockwise from top left: Escape, Paris Gloss, Mirage, Criss Cross, Elio, White Chair with Arms, all available from Rentals Unlimited.


Chatty Brides –  Rentals Unlimited has so many amazing options.  Where should a couple begin?

Desiree Modano of Rentals Unlimited – Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming. We invite each couple to make an appointment in one of our six showrooms to come in and see our inventory personally. Our talented Event Rental Consultants can help them customize their look to fit within their budget, and can suggest items that work together to create the perfect design for their big day.

 CB  – Tell us a bit more about your services.  Can you explain what the AFR furniture line is and how renting that works?

DM – We pride ourselves on being a full service rental company. That means that we carry just about everything you need for a special event – from tables and chairs to glassware, flatware, and kitchen equipment. If we don’t have something you need, tell us about it and we can work with you to help you find it. The AFR furniture line features a variety of different styles of event furnishings: lounge and club style seating and tables, couches, ottomans, and more. Creating a lounge is a great way to get a customized look that will really encourage your guests to mingle and interact. You can use furniture to create a special area for the duration of your event, or as a high impact piece during cocktail hour instead of the standard high and low cocktails.

 CB – Let’s talk tables.  Round or rectangle?  How should a couple navigate which is best for them?

DM – We see a lot of different variations of seating, including mixing round and rectangular tables, elevated and standard height tables, and tables with linens and those that don’t require them, like our farmer’s tables. Deciding what tables to use can really be up to the couple as to how they want the layout to flow, and can be another fun way to add dimension to the design of the event. It is important to always be aware of any space limitations based on the venue and guest list.

 CB – It always seems like Rentals is getting new and exciting, trending pieces in stock.  Any that you are particularly excited about?

DM – We are very excited about our Versa table, which is a white table with customizable top: available in white, mirror-top, or upholstered. They seat 10-12 people and are a fun but elegant way to really make a statement. We also have two new goblets available in white and black glass that add drama and beauty to any tabletop. We are always building our inventory to provide the latest industry trends, so we encourage people to check back often to see what’s new!

CB  – Thanks, Desiree!

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