A Celebration of Love on 9/11

When their dream venue gave them the available weekend dates in September, this couple had to make a decision. Would they want the somber date of 9/11 as their wedding date – and anniversary – every year? In the end, the couple chose to honor the day with a celebration made all the more special because of it.

The groom, Jamey Herzog, is a native New Yorker and was living and working in Manhattan on 9/11, sharing an apartment at the time with his two best men. Together, he and wife Jenny Herren commemorated 9/11, a date that would never be forgotten, by choosing to celebrate life, and of course their love, every year.

In 2011, on the 10th anniversary of that fateful day, they wed in a beautiful and moving ceremony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean at Misselwood Mansion in Beverly, MA.  It was an unseasonably warm day for September, and many guests remarked that the sky was just as crystal blue and cloudless as it was 10 years ago, before the world changed forever.

As the happy couple celebrates their two year anniversary today, we are reminded that life is short, but also beautiful.

Cheers to Jamey and Jenny!


Images by Scott Zuehlke Photography

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