6 Reasons to Hire a Wedding planner

Take it from the experts, hiring a wedding wing woman or man is an absolute win.

By Courtney Raymond

When a bride-to-be dreams of her wedding day, visions of a beautiful dress, stunning owers and happy guests start dancing in her head. The checklist items that do not immediately spring to mind include laborious ones like tenting, power plans, timelines and vendor communications. To ensure all the working pieces run smoothly while the bride and groom revel in their joy, hiring a wedding planner can be the perfect solution.

While some couples may think a personal planner won’t be a win for their wallet, many experts believe having a wedding wing woman or man is truly priceless. To prove it, here are six reasons why a couple may want to forgo the DIY approach and invite a wedding planner into their corner.

A wedding planner works overtime when it comes to vendor relationships.

No one knows this better than Francie Dorman, co-founder and planner at 42° North Weddings, a full-service wedding planning rm located on Massachusetts’ North Shore. Dorman and her partner, Britt Cole, decided to go into business in 2014 after collaborating on more than 60 weddings while working for different companies. The dynamic duo brings to the table a myriad of diversified strengths in event planning and catering, as well as countless working relationships with a vast group of vendors.

“From the word ‘go,’ we’re all on board,” Dorman says. “We choose people who have endless amounts of experience. All our vendors are fully invested and often save the day. It’s always a team effort; they want to help both us and the client.”

Jen Chagnon, owner of The Pink Polka Dot, an award-winning wedding and event boutique located in Falmouth, Massachusetts, agrees that harnessing a wedding planner’s strong vendor relationships is a huge victory.

“A lot of couples have a pull to an area, but need a resource to nd vendors and have no idea where to turn,” Chagnon says. “That’s where we come in. We have done hundreds of weddings and know which vendors are the best fit for your wedding.”

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A wedding planner can save you and your family some serious “moolah.”

 Some couples may think a wedding planner is an unwarranted expense, but according to the experts, this couldn’t be more wrong. The coordinator’s ability to focus spending on essential items and cut unnecessary expenditures is an important part of the planning process.

“There is a huge misconception that hiring a wedding planner only costs extra money, but we can actually save you money,” Chagnon explains. “We are able to negotiate contracts, offer informative consultations and point clients in the right direction to help with the budget.”

A wedding planner goes loco for logistics.

In today’s busy world, many couples do not have the time or energy to focus on planning an extravagant affair. Planning a wedding is a full-time job and requires a large amount of logistical planning. From timelines and contracts, to power plans, generator operation, tenting and more, a wedding planner puts in a lot of sweat behind the scenes so the bride, groom and their guests don’t have to.

“When you’re spending a lot of money on a wedding, you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch,” says Dorman. “There are certain venues that present unique challenges, and with our experience we can imagine the wedding happening; that’s just how our brains work. We gure out the ow, pinpoint the challenges and plan for success.”

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A wedding planner is like Pinterest, but better.

With the popularity of Pinterest and Etsy, it’s easy for a bride and groom to feel overwhelmed by the design options for their wedding. On the other hand, it is also possible to incorporate too many ideas into one space, which can distract family and friends from the true meaning of the day. A wedding planner helps focus the theme, colors and decorations.

“We help to bring the vision together,” says Chagnon. “My clients usually know what they want, but simply need help reigning it all in.”

Dorman has also had that experience and takes a similar approach. “We always make sure the design is intentional and valuable when it comes to décor.”

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A local planner is a lifesaver for a destination wedding.

A local wedding requires careful planning, but a destination wedding can prove to be a whole different ballgame when it comes to timelines, logistics and guest experience. For some couples, however, it is important to hold their wedding somewhere with a personal connection. Since they lack familiarity with the area, a wedding planner can truly save the day.

“We have a lot of couples that choose a place that is special to them for their wedding. Perhaps it’s where they used to spend summers as a child or where they met in college,” says Dorman. “Whatever the case, we make sure your wedding looks unique since a lot of small towns have the same vendor team. Different decorations, photography, special hospitality touches for guests—all of these things make a big impact.”

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A wedding planner allows the bride, groom and their families get to enjoy every moment, without worry.

Some investments are priceless, and according to Dorman and Chagnon a wedding planner is on the top of the list. With so many moving pieces something is bound to go wrong, but a planner makes sure every guest is sees only perfection.

“During the weeks leading up to the wedding, a bride should have no stress,” says Dorman. “They deserve to enjoy the day and we give that to them.”

Chagnon reiterates that having a dedicated professional at the helm is a win-win for everyone. “Dads are usually the most skeptical when it comes to hiring a planner. In the end though, they usually say it’s the best money they have ever spent to see their wife and daughter enjoy themselves.”

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